100% Pure Healthy Foundation Review

by - March 05, 2019

Hello again!

I'm back again for a short time for another makeup review! I purchased this foundation a few weeks ago and have been dying to review it. As you can probably tell from previous posts, I've wanted to make a conscious effort to incorporate more clean beauty products into my blog. Clean beauty is such an important topic b/c if you live in the United States, you probably are aware of just how little review and safety standards there are for beauty products. It's become such a problem that even Kourtney Kardashian has gotten involved.

Anyway, I will continue to do more posts like this in the future to bring more awareness to this issue. However, today I'm just focusing on one product from a pretty cool brand I've learned about recently. 100% pure is a beauty company whose mission is to bring beauty products that are of the purest quality to consumers. A lot of their products are formulated with fruits for pigmentation.

When I first tried out this foundation I fell in love with it because it made my skin look airbrushed! After wearing it for a while now though, I have noticed a few problems with the formula. First things first though, I love the smell of this foundation! It doesn't have a chemical smell like a lot of foundations typically do and in my opinion, that is a HUGE plus!

Down to the formula itself, I still stand by my statement about this foundation making your skin look airbrushed, but I have noticed the color is off. I got the "lightest" shade they had called Alpine Rose and for it to be a so-called light shade, the color is very orange in tone. That is honestly the biggest problem with this foundation and I understand that they are working with fruit pigments but I should still be able to find a foundation that doesn't make me look like an oompa loompa. You can tell in the swatch photo above how far off the shade is to a pale skin tone and if a pale person has a hard time finding the right shade then you know its probably not going to work for people of color either.

All that aside, if 100% pure can figure out a way to make the shade matches better, I feel like they could give some other popular foundations on the market a run for their money!

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