GoodBye 2018!

by - January 01, 2019

Wow! Time Flies!

With another year drawing to a close I find myself trying to get my life more organized and wanting to clear all the clutter literally and metaphorically that 2018 brought me. I don't know what it is about the start of a new year, but for some reason it triggers organization goal setting in a lot of people. But before I do all that, I want to recap the year of 2018 for myself and my blog.

It's unbelievable that I'm sitting here getting ready to recap the year of 2018! I don't even know where to start because this year was filled with many "crazy" moments. 2018 was the year I got really focused on my schooling and am inching that much closer to my career as an accountant. I trasnferred to a four year University this year and needless to say, things got a little more serious. School brought me a lot of stress this year and I felt like it was a little touch and go at one point. I pulled through thankfully, but this added stress meant less time blogging.

Nonetheless, this year brought me so many beauty discoveries and I saw a small shift of what products excited me as well as a shift towards better ingredients. Not all products are created equal and cute packaging, for me, just doesn't cut it anymore.

If you noticed from my latest blog post, one major shift in my thinking towards the beauty industry is what I allow on my skin these days. I never put much thought into the beauty products I put on my face before (aside from how beautiful they were) so I would literally put any and everything on my face. 2018 changed that for me because clean beauty has seeped more and more into my consciouness . I've seen numerous blog posts this past year as well as instagramers who tout clean beauty and it all feels very revelational.

I also bought less new beauty products this year just because there have been so many launches this year that its hard to keep up and pretty packaging just doesn't appeal to me. In the past I've bought many a beauty product because I thought I couldn't "live" without it but if I had just done a little bit of introspection, I would've come to the realization that I only was drawn to it because of the packaging.

Instead of doing my most popular posts from 2018, I thought I would recap my favorites because I don't really pay much attention to stats like that anyway lol.

My Favorite Posts from 2018:

Looking ahead......... 

First I just want to say Thank You so much if you've been following my blog all these years! Your suuport means the world to me! For 2019, I hope to create more content and be more consistent with blog. Happy New Year!

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