What's in My Bag 2018

by - August 12, 2018

Happy Monday!

I'm laying in bed at the moment while typing this because I have no energy today. The other day I got to thinking about my favorite blog posts to read and one that continues to top my list are the what's in my bag posts. I'm a pretty noisy person and love to get a little glimpse into people's day to day lives so something like a what's in my bag post is great for that haha! I know these posts have been done to death, but I still enjoy reading them and thought you might enjoy getting to see a glimpse into mine. No surprise but, the majority of mine is comprised of beauty related things. I will be honest though, I did clean out my purse of all random junk like receipts and trash because nobody is interested in seeing those haha! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this look into my bag!

I try to keep my "bag" as clean and clutter free as I can during any given week but there are some items I can't go without. Of course, I carry two different cases, one for my sunglasses and one for my regular glasses. As you can probably already tell, I have way to many lipsticks and lipglosses in my bag but I can't help it, I need many options! I carry three miniature lipsticks so they don't take up that much room but the rest are there because they are legit staples in any beauty routine. As I said in this post, I carry my hand cream so my hands stay hydrated. I also carry my toilet spray because nobody wants those kinds of smells in public and I DON'T believe you if you say you don't have this spray! One of my favorite things is my rosebud salve because not only does it help with dry lips but also dry patches on the skin! And, of course I carry my chlorox wipes because I'm a tad bit germaphobic. Flu season is not a holiday or season and I'm not about that life! Last but definitely not least, I HAVE to carry some blotting papers because I have the oiliest skin of life and I can't have my grease ball face showing up at the most awkward moments!


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