Must Try New Drugstore Makeup!

by - August 24, 2016

Happy Wednesday Guys!

As you're probably already aware, I'm all about saving money when it comes to beauty products and I truly feel that when it comes to makeup, it's totally doable to find affordable makeup options that also have great quality!

These products I'm reviewing for you today are some recent purchases of mine that I feel like you have to try because they are SO good!

Why choose Drugstore Products?

All of these products are $12 or less at your local drugstore and they work just as well as some of the greatest higher end beauty products out there!

Since high-end brands have been getting more popular in the past few years drugstore brands noticed this and knew they had to step up there games as well and believe me, they have!

On to the review!

Loreal Voluminous Base Primer Mascara:

This first product is one of my favorite primers out there! If you want to plump up your lashes, then this primer is definitely a product you'll want to try. I've gotten so many compliments on my lashes since I started using them!

Cost: $8.99

Loreal Infallible Pro-Glow 24-Hour Foundation:

Okay, unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard the hype about this product before and I can safely say that it's not all really is that good! I almost never buy drugstore foundations but when I heard people raving about it so much, I knew I had to try it out myself and I was so surprised by how much I like it! It really does last ALL DAY and the coverage is pretty great too. **PSA.... it also comes in a matte version if you have really oily skin**

Cost: $12.99

NYX Ombre Blush:

If you haven't heard of or even try NYX's Ombre Blush, then are missing out! You can't see it as well on camera but you can actually see the ombre effect of the blush at first glance and when you put it on, the color payoff is AMAZING! I never knew how much I needed pink blush in my life until I tried this!

Cost: $9.99

Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Base:

Although I've said that this pore eraser was my favorite, this face studio master primer comes in at a close second! It makes your foundation stick a lot better and smoothes out a good bit of imperfections!

Cost: $9.99

Covergirl Katy Kat Eye Waterproof Mascara:

When I saw Katy Perry's new products in collaboration with Covergirl out in stores, I was a little surprised to be honest because I wasn't even aware that she was coming out with products so I knew I had to grab one and give it a try. I love this mascara! The formula is great for curling and adding volume to the lashes and the wand has to be my favorite out there! It has just enough thickness and dynamic design to help achieve that great lash curl! Not to mention the fact that it didn't smudge at all! Definitely, a mush try!

Cost: $8.99

So, those are my new drugstore beauty must tries, but I would really love to hear what some of your favorites are. Make sure to tell me about them in the comments below!

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