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by - December 15, 2015

Brows have had a pretty big comeback lately. Not that they gone anywhere, lol, but our focus on perfecting them has increased exponentially this year. Take Cara Delevingne for instance. We were obsessed with her brow game as soon as she came onto our radars. Great brows aren't hard to achieve, you just need the right kit.

"On Fleek" became synonymous with having great brows. Thick but manicured were ideal. I quickly learned that over-plucking existed and I was definitely guilty of it.

Brows are great because they frame your face and can enhance your eyes. Which is probably the reason we put so much effort into making them look good. I've been to numerous salons and brow-professionals to get a nice brow but always leave feeling unhappy with the outcome, so I've learned on my own how to tweeze and fill them in.

My brow regime has gotten just a little bit better thanks to a little product called Billion Dollar Brows. I was kindly sent their best seller kit and their 60 seconds to beautiful brow kit.

The Best Seller's Kit includes a Universal Brow Pencil, Brow Duo Pencil, Smudge Brush, and Brow Gel. This kit is tailored to work with all hair colors and skin tones.

Universal Brow Pencil : its a mechanical pencil formulated to work with all skin tones and hair colors.

Brow Duo Pencil: One side is the highlighter and the other is the concealer.

Smudge Brush: Blends in the highlighter and concealer naturally.

Brow Gel: sets your brows into place.

60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows Kit includes a brow powder pot and a dual ended brow brush.

Brow Powder: powder brow color in the color taupe.

Dual Ended Brow Brush: Has a spoolie on one side and a tapered brush on the other.

I like the fact the Universal Brow Pencil is mechanical so you can be sure that you don't run out of product, however I don't know that I would agree that it works with all skin types and hair colors, because this color was a little too dark for my brows. Other than that it was easy to apply and glided well.

Just like any great brow look the highlighter and concealer do a great job of putting focus on the brows themselves by subtly drawing light towards them. This highlighter and concealer duo work great where that is concerned and the once you've applied both, you then use the smudge brush to blend them in which makes them look really natural.

Finally, I brushed the brow gel on my brows to set them in place and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with how well this worked. My brows didn't have a single hair out of place. This was probably my favorite product of all of them.

In the 60 second kit, I found it very quick and easy to do my brows using the brow powder and filling in the sparse areas. The spoolie was a great addition to this dual ended brush has it helped to brush the hairs into place while filling them in.

Would I change anything about this product? Well, yes, sort of. The only thing I really think needs changing is to make the universal brow pencil a smidgen lighter. Otherwise I was very satisfied with this product.

If you're interested in purchasing this product, you can click any of the links in my post to be directed to their website. Also I want to mention that Billion Dollar Brows is doing a giveaway for the holidays, so if your interested in winning one of these as a gift, then you can enter here.

Thanks for reading and leave me a comment below telling me your brow routine? Don't forget to enter the giveaway as well!
*** I received these products courtesy of Billion Dollar Brows via Brandbacker in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions in the post are my own and honest. ***


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  1. I would love to try out these kits! My brows could use some serious help lol.


  2. I need get this kit. I love using my abh dipbrow pomade.

  3. I'm so obsessed with the perfect brows. This kit looks amazing!

  4. I never do anything to my brows, but this sounds like an awesome kit! (Thanks for explaining what "on fleek" meant, ahaha. Now I finally know!)

  5. OK I definitely need to try this!! I have the hardest time with my brows!

  6. She has the best brow products, but this one comes in at a close second!

  7. Mine did too Amanda! I've just started using brow kits and I love them! :)

  8. I definitely recommend it! I know how you feel Jessica! I also struggle with my brows

  9. Dana Brillante-PellerDecember 16, 2015 at 5:25 AM

    Channing, I've never heard of this brand but I love the kit! I have been trying to reshape my brows as I was also an overplucker. This kit looks awesome!!

  10. I'm pretty obsessed with my brows and I've never heard of this line! I definitely have to check it out because it seems like they have awesome products.

    Happy New Year,
    Allison |

  11. You are so lovely! Thank you for sharing your thoughts- I really appreciate and trust your taste in all things beauty. Happy new year! Sending good vibes your way. <3

    -- Lianne |