Random Facts About Me

by - September 17, 2015

First things first, I know that I've been absent from my blog for a few days and you know what? That's just the way it's gonna be from now on. Not that I won't still be blogging, but it will be more "inconsistent" when I post which technically in the blogging world is a huge no-no, but I've decided that I don't care about stupid blogging rules. My online space is a hobby for me and something I enjoy doing so I will only blog when I feel like it or am inspired to do so.

I think it's ridiculous that anything that is supposed to be for fun should have rules. How do you feel about it? Should there be restrictions on how you enjoy your hobby?

Now that I've addressed that, I want to get into why I doing this post. Apart from the obvious, this post is really just a way of introducing myself to those of you who may not feel like you know much about me or would like to know more. It's just an idea that popped into my head the other day. After you read the random facts about me, I would love it if you would comment with some random facts about yourself that you don't mind sharing and we can all get to know each other a little better. Hope you enjoy this post.

My Favorite Food Is Italian....

I thought what the best what to start of a random facts list is to start with an obvious fact. This is your standard date question that a lot of people ask on a first date or if you're trying to get to know someone a little better. I love Italian food so much that I think I could live off of pasta every single day for the rest of my life and never get bored of it. The funny thing is, no one in my families' ancestry is of Italian descent.

I'm A Horror Movie Fanatic....

If it was a Friday night and me and a couple of friends were having a movie night and you were to ask what type of movie I wanted to see, I would vote horror every time. However, I absolutely do not like gory movies. I just don't think those kind are scary at all, they're just gross! A good horror movie to me is the kind where you're afraid to walk into a dark room alone at night.

The Very Back Seat In The Theatre Is The Best....

Speaking of movies, there are three type of people who go to the movies. Those who like the sit at the front, those who like to sit in the middle, and those who like to sit at the back. I'm in that third category. At the back you get a good picture of everything and you don't strain your neck trying to look up at the screen.

I'm Probably The World's Biggest Online Shopper....

I still like to go into the actual store and shop every now and then, but nothing can beat the easy access (laziness) that online shopping gives you. This actually might be a bad thing for me, but it's very cathartic to me for some reason.  I made some very interesting and valuable discoveries while online shopping. **cough, cough** pet corrector.

I Have A Random Selection Of Youtube Playlists....

I used to just watch youtube videos that showed up in my subscription feed, but then I realized ( a little too late I might add), that I could make my own playlists of my favorite videos. My selection of playlists are so random and different and they can be anything from exercise videos, lifetime movies, vlogmas to calming music for my dog and the sacconejolys. Like I said.... very, very random. -Side note- I could spend hours watching youtube videos and I thank my lucky stars that it was created in 2005.

I'm Never Satisfied With My Hair....

I braid it, I cut it, I curl it, I color it. Yet, nothing seems to fit my ideal of what my hair should look like. This is probably one of those times I really wish I had some sort of celebrity hair stylist to show up at my door and work their wonders. Mind you, I do have my good hair days, but those are few and far between. My hair has such a mind of it's own that it drives me crazy sometimes. Actually within the past three years or so, I've colored my hair 5 different colors, LITERALLY. Black, Brown, Auburn, Blonde, Platinum blonde (which is what I have now). That's also a pretty interesting story, but I'll save that for another time because that's a FULL blog post within itself.

I'm A Dog Person BUT.....

Since I was probably about 6 or 7, my family has always had some sort of dog. My first dog was a collie that we had for a long time until one day we had found her in her pen outside with a brick next to head (Apparently, someone thought it would be fun to throw a brick at a dog) and needless to say I was devastated. I cried so hard that day. We buried her in our backyard a few minutes after we found her. NOW, I have an inside dog that you can read about here, that I see as my child and I swore I would never love another animal as much as him. Well a few weeks ago while out with a friend a sweet little cat came out of forest near a building we were at and she came up and rubbed against me and purred and I felt so bad to see such a sweet cat look so malnourished and I decided to take her home with me. We've be close since and now I can sort of say that I kind of sort of like cats (or maybe it's just this one in particular) because she warmed my heart. Her and Cooper are getting along just fine in case you were wondering.

I HATE Exercising....

Although I probably, definitely shouldn't be this way because I desperately need to get in shape; I hate cardio, strength training, etc. etc.... OH, and you will NEVER find me in a gym. I think I might be allergic to them. Now, if this said gym was the name of a restaurant, then that would be a whole other story ( kind of sounds like some kind trendy hipster restaurant name doesn't it). I can diet like nobodies business, but exercising, nah uh.

I hope these were random enough for you. I tried to come up with as many as I could think of on the spot. Of course this doesn't 100% tell you all about me, but I hope in some small way it did give you a little insight into who I am. The more important thing though is what you're about. Don't be shy, leave me a comment below telling me about yourself. Or, if you'd rather you can ask me a question about one of my facts or anything that pops into your head. Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to reading your comments!

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  1. thanks for sharing the random facts about you :) it's always awesome to learn more about people ♥ if you enjoy horror films, you should check out Sleepy Hollow (the tv show is actually really scary!) and as far as movies go, check out Korean horror on Netflix. R-Point is super scary! I did a post on the scariest films I've seen if you're interested! ;-) http://storybookapothecary.com/13-of-the-absolute-scariest-films-ive-ever-seen/

  2. I love "get to know me" type posts! I am a fellow Italian food lover and I always go for the last seat in the theater!

  3. Good to learn some random things about you. I want to see you with each hair color! I have dyed my hair many times, and always say I'll never go really dark again, then I do.

  4. These are great! Thanks for sharing your love horror movies with us.

  5. Wow! Thanks Tiana! I will definitely have to check those out! :)

  6. I will probably be doing post about that in the future! I have to scour my computer archives for those pics though, lol. The first time I dyed my hair dark was 8 or 9 years ago and back then I said I wouldn't go dark again, but like you I did haha XD

  7. Wow, this puts my post to shame! Such an in-depth fact post! Never seen one like this before, so go you!



  8. Not at all Dena! I loved Yours! Thanks for stopping by :)