Weekend Celebrations & Nostalgia

by - July 06, 2015

Good Morning Everyone!

This past weekend, as you all know, was 4th of July celebrations where all of us were celebrating 'Muricas birthday. I made the long drive down to see my family in my hometown where we had a BBQ, watched movies and reminisced on our childhood. It was such a good time. What did you do to celebrate the 4th of July?

To be honest with you I'm not that fond of hot weather. I know, I know, I've already said that a million times, but now that the weather stays hot 24/7 it rings even truer for me. I'm a cold weather girl through and through. There's just nothing better than being able to snuggle under a warm blanket with some hot chocolate and a good christmas movie or two. But I digress.

I was at my dads house for the weekend festivities and he's the master when it comes to grilling out, so I left all that good stuff down to him. We did your typical all American bbq with hot dogs, cheeseburgers, coleslaw, chips and popsicles.

Grilling Collage

Grill food 1

As I said before, I left the grill to my dad who's an expert at grilling.That's the part that I like about summer. Good food and quality time with family.

I tried to get my dad to take a pic with me, but he's camera shy. I guess in that way I'm sort of like him. I'm not really so much camera shy, I just don't feel the need to constantly take pics of myself. I was in such a good mood that day that I just felt like taking a selfie or two for the blog.

Once we had stuffed ourselves silly, my dad started getting down the old boxes of childhood pictures and we had a nice look through and walk down memory lane.

It was so fun to look back at pictures of me and my brother as children and see how much we've changed. In a lot of ways we have, but also in a lot of ways we haven't. In the first picture (on the left) you can see how close me and my brother were. There's about a dozen photos of us hugging. Cue the aws. That was a picture of us coming home from church. In the second picture (on the right) we were at the beach which was a tradition every summer for us growing up.

The third picture (bottom left ) was us at our cousins house. I'm the one with the side pony. Oh believe me, I was so fashion forward (sarcastic laugh). The last picture (bottom right) was my brother and I at Disney world. That has to be my favorite pic of the bunch because Disney World holds such a special place in my heart. Stepping foot on such a magical place felt like a fairy tale to me as a child.

Those were some of my favorites that we found, but there was so much more. This was such a nice and relaxing day, that I was so sad to have to leave. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!

Question of the day: What is your favorite childhood memory?

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  1. I am counting down the days until we get home and I can have some my dads BBQ. It's all that I have been dreaming about since we booked our tickets!

  2. I spent the weekend with my boyfriend!! I love warm weather but there is nothing better than sweater weather. I feel like I dress so much cuter in the winter too because I LOVE scarves and boots. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So fun! Glad you had a good weekend! The food looks so yummy!

  4. So glad you had a good holiday!! It was Canada Day up where I am and we had similar celebrations! It's so nice to reminisce on the memories of being a child!! Great post xoxo


  5. I would totally trade you cold weather for warm/hot!! (I kinda want to retire in Hawai'i.) I do agree that curling up under a warm blanket with a great book/movie would be awesome though. :O

    I'm like you with taking pictures! My phone is filled with pictures of food and cats (and more recently, my pet duckies, collectively named "the quackers," + chickens :O )!

    Glad you had such a great holiday! <3 I can't pick a favorite childhood memory, but it'd probably have to be the sleepovers my family friends and I used to have!

  6. I am glad to hear you had a great weekend. I love walking down memory road it's always a fun time. :)

  7. Sorry I'm a little bit late, but Happy Canada Day to you Samantha! :)

  8. Same here Shelby! I also feel like there are more options for clothing in the winter. :)

  9. I've probably taken more pics with my dog than anything else haha :P