Lakeside Saturday & A Birthday Celebration

by - July 27, 2015

**Edit: Ok so, this post was meant to go up last Monday, but I had to put it on the back burner for another post. It's from the previous weekend. Nevertheless, I decided to share it today anyway. **

This past weekend was my brother's birthday. He's 28 now. 28!!! That's 2 years away from 30! I just can't believe how fast time goes and it feels like just yesterday that we were graduating high school. My brother and I are a year apart and since he was the older sibling, I always looked up to him. If you read any of my past posts, you'd know that he is a web developer and he helped me revamp my blog a few months back. He's very talented at pretty much anything he picks up. I wish I had his knack for learning things so easily.

Anyway, we decided for his birthday that we were going to have a nice little family celebration at my mom's lake house. She and her fiance have a nice little spot right along the water. One of my favorite parts about their lake house is their deck.

Yes that is a bed swing hybrid thingy. Yes I wish it was mine. Haha. I could almost bare the heat for this relaxing atmosphere. My brother and I were only there for the night so we didn't get to go out on the boat or anything, but it was still a great time nonetheless.

My brother is not a huge fan of cakes, so instead of getting a regular cake, we got him a cookie cake because it's technically not a cake, right? As you can see, the writing on it was a little bit messy. I think this was the first time that lady had done writing on a cake. Still, it was very delicious and my brother seemed to enjoy it too. Personally, I like all kinds of cakes, so as long as it's sweet, I'm in.

The night ended with my brother playing us a little tune on his guitar while the crickets were chirping, you know, your typical southern lake night sounds and all that stuff. Sitting there with those beautiful sounds and scenery really made me wish I had my own place by the water. Doesn't have to be a lake, it could be a beach or a pool or whatever, just as long as I have a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

I wish I had more pictures to show you, but being the terrible blogger that I am, I was too caught up in the moment to remember to take a lot of pictures. I hope you had a great weekend!

Where is your favorite place to relax? Tell me below!

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  1. Sounds like a great, relaxing birthday weekend. I LOVE cookie cakes. I haven't had one in a really long time. Maybe I'll suggest it for my next birthday :)

  2. That lake house deck sounds amazing! I would love to kick back and take a nap there. =)

  3. My favorite place to relax is at home for sure. I'm sort of a homebody...I love going out and doing stuff, but I get anxiety if I can't center myself at some point and just relax.

  4. :O!! My brother's also a year older than me and turned 28 this year! :P Happy birthday to yours!

    Sounds like an awesome fun + low-key celebration! :D I want to be outside again soon! (Cannot wait til this study hibernation is over!!)

  5. I love that non cake idea! I'm not a fan of desserts, I'd choose this if I had a bday choice!
    I'm envious of your lake time. I love the lakes, I don't get over to them enough. The lakes here in arizona aren't packed with homes surrounding so there arent any lakehouse vibes here. Its more of " hey lets go get drunk on a boat" sort of thing which isnt inspiring Last time I was at a lake was 4th of July last year, in oregon! Now that's a lake :)
    Favorite place to relax and an easy getaway is Sedona! Beautiful. Peaceful. Spiritual. Desert with creeks and red mountains. :)

  6. Thanks Farrah! I'm so late in getting back to these comments haha ;P

  7. I've always wanted to see Arizona! People tell me it's really hot there, but I don't care because I love the beauty of Arizona. :)

  8. Arizona is gorgeous if you like the dessert living. The only time that's not fun to visit is summer, from end of June, July, Aug. September is when its cool again. In the vallet at least. Northern arizona is alwats gorgrous and cool.. Sedona (1.5 hours from Phx) is the spiritual hub of the US and Flagstaff gets cold.
    I live in Scottsdale! If you ever wanna visit I'd love to be your tour guide! I live next door to the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale so if you stay there (gorgeous resort) you'll be my neighbor. I love visitors :)