Blogging Resources: 30 Blogging Prompts

by - June 09, 2015

I've been blogging for a good while now and something that hits me every now and then, is blogger's block aka, writer's block. Sometimes things just get a little bit stale and I feel like I've covered every single topic I could ever think of. In this case, sometimes it's necessary if not vital that I look elsewhere for inspiration.

Where ever I can find inspiration or from whom ever, is always a godsend and that source of inspiration can sometimes be really, really hard to find. That's why I wanted to make this week's Blogging Resources about things that you could possibly write about if inspiration isn't striking you.

All of these are common posts that a lot of other bloggers write about and some are just topics that will pop into my head from time to time. You can take any one of these prompts and fit them to a certain type of topic that you want to blog about.

I've compiled a list of 30 prompts for when you ever need some help and here they are.

1. A recipe

2. 10 things you don't know about me

3. A rant

4. Tutorial

5. DIY (also repurposing old things in your home)

6. Tag Post ( tag someone with questions that you have for them)

7. Informational (give information about something that other people might not know about)

8. Product Review

9. Recommendations

10. Your favorite shows on Netflix

11. Who inspires you?

12. Talk about your past

13. The Dear Me Post (what you would tell your younger self)

14. Your workout playlist

15. What you eat to stay fit, healthy, etc....

16. What are your favorite apps?

17. What kind of makeup do you use?

18. What's the best advice someone's ever given you?

19. Who are your favorite Bloggers?

20. Talk about the first time you fell in love

21. What makes you laugh?

22. Travel Bucket List

23. Interview another blogger

24. List your best tips and tricks for doing something

25. Do a post about a holiday

26. Bring awareness to a public issue

27. Write a letter to someone

28. What's an obstacle in life that you've overcome?

29. What's the first lesson you've ever learned in life?

30. Monthly Favorites

I think the best advice I was ever given in regards to blogging, was to always keep some type of notepad or journal around at all times that way when inspiration strikes (which a lot of times happens at the most inopportune times), you will have a new topic at the ready for your next post.

Well, that is it for this week's Blogging Resources! Be sure to come back every Tuesday (or any day for something new) for a new edition of Blogging Resources and Happy Tuesday!

Question of the day:How do you come up with blog post topics?

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  1. Nice...will definitely come in handy when hit by the 'Bloggers block' :P

  2. This is a very helpful post! Thanks for sharing this :)

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  3. I love reading blogging prompts- they always inspire me to write fun posts!

  4. I'm saving this for a rainy day :)

  5. I have never thought of doing a "Who Inspires Me" post. Great idea!

  6. Awesome ideas! It's always nice finding new prompts!

  7. A lot of great ideas and some that I am definitely going to use. Thanks!

  8. Such great ideas. Thank you for sharing. :)

  9. This is a great list! I find that when I'm hitting writers block that looking at my Google Analytics helps me brainstorm ideas. I look at what things people have googled that have brought up my site and brainstorm posts off of them!

  10. Sure helpful post, I am definitely pinning this! Thanks Channing!

  11. I love this list! I've seen a few others and I always just thought "yeah, I'd never write about those things" but I'm liking this! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I run into blogger's block more often than I wish I did. Thanks for these great ideas for next time it hits! Bookmarking for sure. :)

  13. I ran into a bloggers block freak out a few month's back. But then I sat down and just scribbled away on some sticky notes. Thanks for posting some more awesome post ideas for me!

  14. These are such great recommendations! Thank you so much for sharing :) I sometimes get the opposite of bloggers block. So many ideas and so little time! It's really tough to pick and choose. Other times, I get totally burnt out and need to step away from my blog completely for a couple of days. This is a great list though and I'm definitely going to refer to it when I'm thinking of ways to mix up my content! xo

    ♥ Lisa
    Strum Simmer Sip

  15. Great recommendations! I have come to the conclusion that I need to be blogging more regularly and these ideas will help a lot!