Favorite Hair Products for Wavy Curls

by - May 06, 2019

I'm on a little bit of a break right now from college right now so I felt the urge to write some new blog posts for this week. I was actually reading through some of my older posts and I noticed how long it's been since I wrote a post about my favorite type of hair products so I thought I would do an updated version today.

I cut my hair to a shoulder length around the end of last year and since then, there hasn't been much I could do with my hair but it has since grown out a little and I've been wanting to try different styles, which lately, has been a sort of wavy curl. My hair doesn't hold a curl very well so hairspray is very much needed. My favorite one is this one by Tresemme. It does make your hair feel a little "crunchy", but the hold is just 👌. It's a must use if have thin, fine hair like me.

BEFORE I even begin to use the hairspray though, or the curling iron, I put some Kitoko Oil on my hair. I usually put it on after I've washed my hair while it's still damp and then I let it air dry. My mom actually got me into this oil because her hair stylist recommended it to her and it just makes your hair feel and look super soft. My mom dyes her hair a lot so she needed something to counteract the damage done by that process. It doesn't take very much product to do wonders so use sparingly.

Of course, the last on this list is the curling iron. I got this one a couple of years ago when the NuMe and T3 curling wands were all the rage by beauty gurus and bloggers alike. I didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a styling product that I knew would get very little use so I did what most people do these days and turned to Amazon for a solution.

The best thing about this wand is the interchangeable barrels and glove that come with it. My least favorite thing about this wand is it can get too hot at some points. The glove is also not very well insulated from the heat either so you'll have to use extra care when putting it next to your face or touching with your hands. The most important thing is that it does create great curls. I'm not sure how it stacks up against the more popular brands but for what I needed, it does a good job.

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