Amazon Gel Nail Polishes Review

by - May 08, 2019

If you've read my blog since the very beginning, then you might have seen a post I did on "insta-worthy" nails. I cringe now reading that because I can't believe I titled my post that lol but I digress. The post really made me feel nostalgic for posts on nails so I thought it might be apt to do one on a really popular nail formula out right now, gel polish.

Amazon is great for many things but I would've never suspected gel nail polish would be one of them. Most people go to the nail salon to get their nails done, but me, being a college student on a budget, I went the more affordable route.

Doing gel nails at home carries a slight learning curve, so it's best to research it first before you dive into it. The best info as always comes from Youtube.

The first set of gel nail polish I bought was this one, called Gellen. I bought the set because it has a bunch of nice nudes and pinks, you know neutral colors. The formula of this gel polish is thicker than the other set I bought and I feel like looks slightly more opaque too. The best way to apply it is in light coats and to really make the opacity that much better I would opt for 3 coats.


You probably can't tell from the picture but the tone is slightly off. This polish is more of a dusty rose color in person.


This polish is a true baby pink color.


This polish is more of a nudey-beige shade


This polish a cranberry red shade


This polish is a nice pinky-mauve color


This polish is a greyish-olive color

The other set I got was this one, called Clavuz. These polishes came in a set of four and the formula is a little thinner than the Gellen polishes. I tried to find some sort of numbering system on the label so that I could describe each polish but they didn't seem to have one like the Gellen one did. As with gellen set, this set comes in shades of grays, nudes, corals and pinks. 

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