Self-Care Sunday: Anxiety

by - March 31, 2019

Whew! That's the best way to sum up this past week. I spoke about anxiety in my last blog post, but no, that was nothing compared to this week.

I don't know why my anxiety has been so bad lately, honestly. Racing thoughts have consumed me almost every day for almost the past month and I guess you could chalk it up to me not routinely practicing my CBT therapy, but sometimes, it's hard for me to pinpoint what kind of thoughts I'm having if that makes any sense.

One of the reasons psychologists tout CBT therapy as one of the best methods along with medication for anxiety and depression is because it retrains your brains thought patterns. A big part of why anxiety and depression happens is because you think irrational thoughts. Irrational thoughts are recurring thoughts that have no basis of fact.

CBT therapy is aimed at retraining those intrusive thoughts by asking questions regarding those intrusive thoughts, like, "do I know this to be a fact?" and often the answer is no.

Where I have problems regarding this kind of therapy is, sometimes, I will get a bad feeling, the kind where your heart races constantly and you feel out of breath but there won't be a thought attached to it, so at that point, I don't know how to implement CBT therapy.

I've noticed that often times, the people in my life are a constant source of stress. It's difficult when you have family members in your life that you love and care about and your constantly worried about them, but you know there's nothing you can do.

These sources of "stress" (and I use this term very lightly because I know stress and anxiety are two different things) tend to build up over time and affect my mental health very negatively. I can remember a time years ago when I went on vacation with my family and I freaked out because they wanted to stop at a restaurant on the way back home. I refused to go inside, stayed in the car and hyperventilated and at the time I had no idea why I reacted that way. Years later I would come to realize that the reason why I reacted that way was because I was having a panic attack.

I guess all of this is to say that I want to make conscious efffort to work on my therapy and this post is a good reminder to do that.

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