Colourpop 2019 Haul

by - January 10, 2019

It's no secret by now that I'm a huge Colourpop lover. I have been one since I tried them for the first time almost 4 years ago. You would be hard pressed to find a single product of theirs that isn't great, or at least I am anyway. I'm officially an unofficial Colourpop spokesperson by now haha.

This January I got in my new order of Colourpop products that I ordered over Christmas break and it was like Christmas all over again for me! And I mean, let's face it, January isn't the most exciting month and has even been called by some, the Monday of months. So, any sort of surprise on your doorstep feels like a present. It also doesn't hurt a single bit that Colourpop was having a 40% off sale at the time I was shopping. 😏

BYOP (Build Your Own Palette)

Z palettes gained popularity in the past couple of years and one of the reasons why is because it gives you the opportunity to customize your palette with the colors YOU want instead of having to accept what the brand picks for a palette and who doesn't want that? 

When I was placing my order, I bought the holographic large empty palette along with 4 single pressed powder shadows as a starting point to create my perfect palette. If you look at the photo of the palette, the ones I purchased are the largest four pans at the top left of the palette. The rest were smaller pans that I depotted from previous Colourpop palettes I own. The four shades I chose were On A Whimsy, Karat Cake, Anti-Matter, & Try Me. 

On A Whimsy: 

This shade is a beautiful icy grey shimmer shade. 

Karat Cake: 

This shade is a gorgeous yellow gold shimmer shade.


This shade is also a shimmer that's sort of a turquoisey blue with a purple undertone.  

Try Me: 

At first glance, you would think try me is a rich purple shade but when you apply it, it goes on as more of an almost cranberry. It's very strange how deceiving it is from the pan but nonetheless is a beautiful matte shade. 

The next eye related product I got in my order was the new glitters Colourpop offers. I had been meaning to buy glitters for my collection for a while but wasn't sure where to look for the right ones, so when Colourpop released their own range, I knew that was a sign. 

Glitterally Obsessed

Colourpop's glitters are a creamy consistency but they go on like a loose glitter. However, these will get on everything within sight so be aware of that if you aren't already as most glitters will do this. I love to pack these on top of a shimmer shade to really make the eye look pop. Side note, yes the name of these are Gliterally Obsessed......I'm not clever enough to come up with that pun. 😂

Avenue of the Stars:

This glitter contains specks of gold, coral, purple, red, and pink. I also did notice that this glitter went on a little more "patchy" than the other glitter pot, but other than that, it's a beautiful glitter. 

Outside the Lines: 

Obviously, this glitter has specks of gold but also iridescent specks. As you can tell from the photo, this glitter applies more chunky than the other one. I think this would also pair really well with a nice shimmery eye. 

To end this post I want to talk about my newest discovery that literally is a discovery for me because of my stance on it before. I've tried lip glosses in the past and hated them because they were really sticky feeling and got stuck in my hair. Enter, Colourpop's formula. 

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