New Skincare Sheet Masks 2018

by - March 20, 2018

Happy Spring Guys!!!!
I'm soooo happy right now because it's currently spring break for me which means I finally have time to sit down and write a blog post!!!! I've missed posting on here so much and it breaks my heart that I haven't had the time to work on it lately, but that's what being a full time college student will do to you lol.

I got these two new face masks from Walmart a few weeks back and have been meaning to try them.. but I've been saving them for this blog post. If you love skincare and more specifically sheet masks, then your going to love this post!!!
I recently went to visit my mother and we had a girls night/ pamper sesh. We put on these masks, did our nails and watched the Alienist, which is one of my current favorite shows. She chose this first mask by Masqueology. This mask is supposed to tighten the skin and also hydrate it and its supposed to be good for all skin types. Since my mother is of a mature age, she wanted this mask specifically for its collagen benefits. This mask kind of reminded me of one of those gel eye masks that some brands have.

The mask itself was came in two parts. One for the top part of the face and the other was for the bottom half. It looked like hard jello on her face lol. I don't know if there was much of a difference after using it, but it definitely was relaxing.
I'm not sure about the brand of this next mask but I think it's Soo AE? I chose this mask because it was supposed to hydrate the skin. This mask is different from the collagen mask because it is a true sheet mask and its black charcoal in its form. This mask boasts key ingredients such as green tea extract, green caviar extract and obviously, Charcoal.

This is a cooling mask and felt very hydrating. I left it on for as long as I could.....mostly until it was almost dry and then took it off. Again, with this mask I'm not sure there was a noticeable difference, but hey, who would turn down the chance for a relaxing girls night with you favorite person in the world, your mom!

What is your favorite kind of sheet mask & who is it from?!?

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