Real Techniques Brust Cleansing Palette Review

by - July 02, 2017

At this point, I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed with all things makeup/beauty lol. I always get super excited when I get new products to try out, but I've gotta be a little bit honest, I'm really bad about cleaning my makeup brushes. I'm ashamed to admit it but I actually dread cleaning my brushes.

But, as much as I dread doing it, cleaning your makeup brushes is one of those things that you must bite the bullet and do unless you want nasty germs covering your face. 

In the past, when I would clean my makeup brushes, I would just use soap and water and ring them out on a paper towel. I had no clue how to properly clean my brushes and ended up ruining some good ones due to my ignorance. 

Thanks to many beauty companies like Real Techniques, learning how to clean them got a little bit easier.
I was recently in Walmart shopping, and as I always do when I'm supposed to be buying food, I went through the beauty section and saw this bushing cleaning mat type thing from Real Techniques and I hadn't really heard too many people talking about it, so I decided it would be could to test out for you guys! 

This mat/glove thing is made of silicone and has a handle on the back that makes it easy for you to hold in your hand. As you can tell from the picture, there are different ridges on the mat/glove that are great for getting deep into the bristles of the brush. 
An added bonus to buying this mat/glove is that it comes with a free trial size of their brush cleansing gel. It only takes a dime sized amount of this product to clean a brush with. 
According to the direction on the cleansing gel packet, you only need a dime sized amount of the gel and after you pour it into the mat/glove you will add a little bit of warm water. After that, your going to swirl your brush over the various ridges to make sure each part of the bristles are properly clean. Then you'll rinse out the bristles under running water, making sure not to get too close to the base and then ring out all the excess water. 

One of the most important things I've learned is that when leaving your brushes out to air dry you'll want to hang them up to dry upside or otherwise the water will run down to the base of the bristles and cause splitting. No wonder my other brushes didn't last long lol. 
So, this is the finished result using Real Techniques brush cleansing gel and palette. What I took away from trying this was that weirdly enough, the Real Techniques brushes that I cleaned got less clean then the brushes that weren't Real Techniques brushes. 

Do I think it's good for a full brush clean? No, but it is very gentle on your brushes and gets off most of the gunk. I would suggest buying the cleansing palette but not the brush cleansing gel. 

So, that's my review of the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette. Comment down below what you do to clean your bushes!!

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