BH Cosmetics Haul

by - July 09, 2017

Hey guys!

So, I recently came across a sale that BH Comestics was having and these items were seriously such a steal!

I remember my first BH Cosmetics purchase was years ago and it was their 88 colors palette. I don't know why I've taken so long to get some more items from them, but ever since they've really stepped up their game. Case in point, the Carli Bybel palette.

I wanted to try some more daring beauty looks so I picked up some products that I wouldn't normally go for in order to go a little bit outside of my comfort zone.

All of these products were about $46 in total so it really was a steal for the amount of product you can get. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on each one.....
This beautiful palette is called Club Tropicana and its a eyeshadow palette with 28 highly pigmented color foil shadows. This is the perfect palette for when you want to experiment with color and make your eyes pop. The pigment has a hint of shimmer which really makes them pop.

I love this palette for creating bold eye looks but I don't like the smell. It has a real distinct plasticky smell. Other than that....its a great palette.
These liquid lipsticks are seriously underrated. Who knew BH had such good liquid lipsticks?!? I went for purples and a nude because I tend to stick with what I know and like.

These are a matte formula and highly pigmented. They last pretty long too. As you can probably tell by my swatches, sorbet is a pinky nude, samantha is a pinky purple and muse is a lavender color. I really love these especially considering how affordable they are.
The next palette I got was the Supernova eyeshadow palette. This palette is full of 18 beautiful shimmer shades and I gravitated towards it because I think it would add a bright pop of color to any eye look and since I'm perfecting and trying out new eye looks, this is perfect for someone like me.

This little eyeshadow palette came free with my other purchases but its still worthy of mentioning because its such a nice little palette. This is an on the go eyeshadow palette are the shades in here are perfect for that. Since this palette has neutrals as well as pops of color, it makes it easy to take your look from day to night which is perfect for on the go.


Here is an example of one of the shades I used to create this look from the club tropicana eyeshadow palette. If you can get over the hilariously ridiculous looking wig(I used a wig because my hair is hideous underneath and I didn't want it to take away from the look), you can appreciate the look I created. I used the peach shimmer from the palette underneath the glitter. 

So that is my review of these BH cosmetics goodies, I hope you've enjoyed reading and do yourself a favor and check out BH cosmetics :)

What is your favorite affordable makeup brand?

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