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by - June 25, 2017

I'm so excited to write todays post because I found someone genuinely good beauty products that I can't wait to share with you!

Ok, so you guys know that I'm always on the hunt to try out new products and I can't wait to share with you some of my new finds.

So, without further ado, here they are:
The first thing I want to talk about are these gold unicorn brushes that I got from Amazon. Like I said in my last post, since I saw tarte's unicorn brushes, I've been on the hunt for some similar ones and these are the closest I've come to finding some! I found this 10 pc set on Amazon and they were fairly cheap. Not only were they very pretty, but they also were very soft and blend makeup really seamlessly. I will have the exact link to where you can find them down below.
Wow you guys!!!! This next one is so, so , so GOOD!!!! I was recently shopping and saw that Loreal had come out with a new mascara, but I kid you not, when I first saw this in it's packaging, I actually thought it was Too Faced Better than sex mascara been then when I got closer, I realized it was Loreal and I was like Damn Loreal stepped their game up!!!

As soon as I got home I had to try it and it's no wonder the packaging looks like the better than sex mascara because this mascara is a cheaper dupe for that mascara!!!No kidding guys, it seriously is so freaking good!!! It made my lashes 10x more voluminous and long! Again, I'll link below where you can find it.
I had seen a lot of makeup artists using these for eyeshadow and since I get really frustrated by all the fallout from a lot of eyeshadow palettes, I thought these would be perfect for me. I did a little bit of research and was able to track these down.

The eyeshadow shields have to sticky things that you have to pull off to stick them on, but their pretty easy to put on. The problem starts when you start to pull them off. The skin under your eye is already delicate as it is but these things stick so bad that when you start to pull them off, they tug real hard on your skin and you can see them pulling you skin and they hurt. I honestly would rather have to deal with fallout than have these on. I still put the link below in case you want to try them and see for yourself.
I had such high hopes for this liquid lipstick because I've heard other people rave about it so I thought I would try it out. This is supposed to be a matte peachy liquid lipstick but after wearing it a couple of times, I have to say I'm very disappointed in this. First of all, the formula is really sheer and it takes a couple of coats to get the pigment to show and the other thing is that it wears off really easy.

I just really didn't like this at all :(
In one of my older posts, I raved about maybelline's master blush palette because it was just that good so when I decided I needed a good contour shade, I decided why not try out maybelline's master bronze palette.

I love this palette because it has three different contour shades that are highly pigmented and a really nice highlighter. I mostly use the last shade the most because it has less of an orange undertone. Overall, this is a really great palette!
The second brush set I got was this lavender unicorn one because apparently I'm obsessed with unicorns lol but I love this one as well! Again, these have soft bristles and come in a 10 pc set so they are definitely worth the money!

OMG you guyyyyyssss!!!!! So, I tried the original version of maybelline's superstar lipstick line and I wasn't too into it, but when I heard they came out with a matte range, I knew I had to try this out! To be totally honest, I didn't expect that I was gonna like these but omg was I WRONG!

I got the shade Lover which is like a mauve - nude shade and this formula dries matte. It actually dries matte you guys!!! HALLELUJAH!!! Not only does it dry matte, but it's super long wearing and is SUPER comfortable on the lips! Go pick up one for yourself right NOW!!!!

When I was in the store the other day, I saw this new brand Kokie and they looked really interesting, so I decided to try one of their products. This is just a makeup setting spray so I would like to try some of their other products as well, but here are my thoughts on this.

For some strange reason, I always struggle with makeup setting sprays because some of them claim to  mattify your face, but I've yet to find one that does that. Like, they do the opposite of mattify, the actually make my face really oily. I don't know if it's just my skin or what but this one did the same thing as the other ones did which is to make my face more oily. Thumbs down :(
The last thing I got was these silicone sponges for makeup application. I know, I know, I'm a little late to the game trying these but I had to try them out for myself. As expected, lol, they weren't good for makeup application at all because the didn't want to blend out my foundation and that is just no bueno for makeup lovers like myself. 

So, Those were are my new finds, I hope you enjoyed reading and I'll be back again next Sunday for a new post!

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