3rd Year Blogiversary!!!

by - June 11, 2017

Hey guys!

I gotta be a little bit honest, while this post is about my 3rd year in blogging, the actual 3rd year mark was back in January but I forgot about (cringe) so I'm celebrating it now! I guess better late than never, right....lol?!?

It's almost hard to believe that it's been three years since I started blogging because it doesn't feel that long in the slightest. I've grown so much since I started this blog and it's interesting to see where I started at 25 and where I'm at now (almost 29). 

Blogging is still very much a passion of mine, but if you go back to some of my earliest posts, you'll see that what I've been passionate about has changed a lot. I almost deleted some of my older posts because their so cringingly bad, but I thought to myself, "No, channing.... it's important to be able to look back on your journey."

You may have discovered my blog just recently or been around forever, either way, you will see how much I'm passionate about makeup & skincare and how much I love getting to connect with all of you!

I don't know what the future is gonna hold for my blog or me, but I hope to continue doing this for many, many years to come! I hope even more that you will continue on this journey with me and we'll see what the future holds together! 

In the spirit of my 3rd year blogging, I figured I would link some of my favorite posts below. Hope you enjoy!


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