Klean Colors Pastel Collection Nail Polish Review

by - March 01, 2016

With spring literally a few weeks away, I thought now would be as good a time as any to talk about all things pastel. When I think of spring, I think Easter, beautiful flowers in bloom and bright colors everywhere.  Also, pastel certainly comes to mind as the embodiment of spring.

I'm a huge fan of anything pastel and this new collection of nail polish from Klean Colors did not disappoint.

This is my first time learning about Klean Colors, which I wouldn't have found out about had I not searched nail polishes on Amazon. That's where I found this collection.

The brightness, beauty and vibrancy of these colors is what attracted me to them. Not to mention the price was very reasonable for what you get.

The pack comes with six total pastel colors and each color is true to it's given name. While I like cutesy names beauty companies give to their product, the naming of these six polishes makes it easier to remember so that if someone asks what color you're wearing, you can without a doubt say pastel blue.

My favorite of the six has to be the pastel orange. The reason being, I feel like orange compliments my skin really well.

The texture of these polishes are great because they allow for a faster drying time and it only takes two coats to get a full (sheer free) color.
To give you a good picture of what the polish looks like on, here's a pic of them on my nails and as shown in the pic to the right of my nails, I provided you with swatches so you could see the true color payoff.

I really enjoyed these polishes and would definitely buy them again given that they are such as good buy for the value.

What do you think of these polishes? Is their a nail polish brand that you know of that not a lot of other people do? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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