Celebrating My Birthday!

by - September 23, 2015

This past Sunday I officially turned 27 years old. I cringe reading that last statement. Not that I'm like, really old or anything, but it does mean that I'm getting closer and closer to the end of my 20s. I'm just not ready to turn 30 yet. I wish I could freeze time to right now.

Sunday I basically just celebrated my birthday at home w/ my dad and he cooked me a nice B'day dinner. The next day, my mom came to visit me and we went out and celebrated my birthday and had a really nice low key celebration. I thought I would share with you what we did that day and show you some of my gifts. I just want to say though, that I'm not in any way trying to brag about what I got or "show off". I'm just really excited about it and want to share it with you guys.

My absolute favorite part of the day was when we went to see the movie; The Visit. OMG!! You guys......it was such a good movie!!! I didn't expect the ending and it had some seriously scary parts. The woman who played the grandmother was so creepy! The very beginning of the movie was sort of slow, but once it got to the good part, the scary moments didn't stop.

This was the perfect day even though it was raining. Actually the mixture of rain and cooler temperatures made it feel even more like fall.

After the movie we headed straight to Logan's for lunch. I'm obsessed with Logan's bread rolls! Really, is there any thing better than those chewy, buttery soft rolls?!? I went with the Route 66 Cheeseburger. Of course, knowing me, you would know that I also got a dessert. For dessert I went with the Apple Streusel Crumble and you can probably tell that I already took a little bite of the dessert because I couldn't wait; it looked so good! And it was!

After we stuffed ourselves, we decided to head over to Urban Home Market since it was close by and it happens to be one of my favorite stores! I love their pieces and they're the epitome of my home decorating style. I could spend hours in there, but chose not to because we had other things we wanted to do and I had some free b'day gifts from Ulta & Sephora to pick up.

Next, we went to Sephora & Ulta to pick up my free gifts. From Sephora I got a free Nars lip pencil in the color cruella. The picture of me in the beginning of this post is the actual lip pencil color that I got as a free gift. I also had a few points left on my beauty insider card, so I also received the Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel and the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. My free gift from Ulta was the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. While I was there I asked the nice lady at the counter what kind of foundation she uses, because her foundation was flawless and she told me that she used Too Faced Born This Way, so I decided to pick that up as well in the color porcelain.

I've been using Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation for years now, so I decided it was time I tried something different.

Bday blog pic Collage 4

Lastly, I bought a few little things for myself from Forever21. I got a black backpack with white straps and gold detailing; A grey beanie; And two sets of earrings.

Bday Blog Pic 9

Bday Blog Pic 8

We had a really good time despite the rain and it was kind of the "perfect" day. The only weird thing about my Birthday this year, was  we didn't have a cake. Usually every year I would always have a birthday cake, but we thought that it wasn't necessary and just decided on dessert at my favorite restaurant instead.

What I would really like to know is what is your favorite way to spend your birthday? Do you like to have a low key celebration or do you like to go all out? What about surprise parties? Do you like them or no? Tell me in the comments below as I would be really interested in finding out your thoughts on the subject. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Happy (belated) birthday! <3 I feel ya on the being closer to 30 and not liking it thing. (Where has all the time gone!?) Those star earrings from Forever 21 are super cute! I stopped over at Sephora this year to pick up my free gift also, hehehe. :D

  2. Thanks Farrah! 30s will be here before we know it haha! :)