Monday Rewind: 7 Foodie Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

by - August 15, 2015

 ** Edit: So, I was going through my old blog posts and came across a few that I really liked! I thought, since this year is going by so quickly, I would do a rewind (or re-post depending on how you look at it) of some of my favorite past blog posts. That's why I called this post Monday Rewind. I hope through this rewind you rediscover my blog all over again. **

Nothing brightens my day more, than to open up my instagram and see these appetizing pics. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite foodie accounts on Instagram, because food.

I must warn you though, you will be extremely tempted to forgo your diet altogether after seeing these pics.

#1. Utosh

Why? Because of his minimalistic bird's eye view of food. These pics are gorgeous.

 #2. Your Cup Of Cake

 Why? It will delight your inner Baker. I personally am a sugar addict.

 #3. Bon Appetit Mag

  Why? They have an elegant approach to food. And their pics are pretty.

 #4. Culinary Bro Down

Why? Because the man behind culinary bro down, Josh Scherer, takes your favorite foods and combines them into some cool hybrid thingy.

 #5. Fat and Furious Burger

Why? Because not only are the pics delicious to look at, they're down right artistic....

 #6. Smitten Kitchen

Why? Because again, food  +   instagram   +   smitten kitchen  =  perfection

 #7. Thrillist

Why? If you need anymore convincing, then you my friend,  are beyond help.

If you want a clearer picture of each account, stop by their instagram and follow them.

What did you think of this post? Who are your favorite instagrammers? Leave me a comment below! :)

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  1. I guess I need to get myself on Instagram. I do love food.

  2. Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorites too. Though I always end up hungry when I'm on their page! And now, yours!

  3. I love the cupcake one...but it would make me so hungry! Ahhh I love food...the struggle!

  4. omg I'm not a food blogger, but I love food haha. I will follow these :D thanks for sharing lol

    stop by for a chat | ♥

  5. These are awesome! Of course, now I'm hungry, lol. I will definitely be following these...thanks for the round up and for sharing your faves!

  6. Thanks Tianna! I will definitely do that! :)

  7. SMITTEN KITCHENNN! <3 That's one of the first food blogs I ever started following!

    Confession: The only reason as to why I originally got an instagram account was so I could look at pretty food pictures. <3

  8. Fabulous accounts! You are making me VERY hungry right now... I really love Linda Lomelino, you should check her out, her photographs are BEAUTIFUL.

  9. Same here! I think I may or may not have started instagram only for the food as well! :)

  10. Oh man, this is dangerous! Definitely following a few new accounts today. Such a great idea for a post!!

  11. I adoreeee Smitten Kitchen! <3