Lush Bath Haul!

by - August 31, 2015

 I'm a little ashamed to say that I'm late hopping on the lush bandwagon. I've heard the rave reviews for years now but I've been a little stubborn at deciding to finally try it out. I convinced myself that it was all just hype. Well, the other day I was doing some online shopping (guilty habit of mine) and was browsing through the lush website and I don't know what changed my mind, but I decided to try out some of their bath products.

I had to order them online because there isn't a store anywhere near where I live (sad face). As a first time Lush product tester (my own self title), I'm going to give you my first impression and likes and dislikes of the product in case you're like me and still hadn't tried it yet and need some convincing. I decided for my first time, I would only get the bath bombs and bubble bars.

The bath bombs I purchased are: Twilight, Sex Bomb, Big Blue, Honey Bee, Butterball and the Pop in the bath bubble bar. As an added bonus, Lush included a small sample of the Miranda soap.

First product up is the Butterball bath bomb. It was much smaller in size than the other bath bombs, but as far as smell, it was my third favorite!

Big Blue has to be my second favorite scent of all the bath bombs. I wasn't sure what the bubble bars where, but I know I wanted to try one so I decided to go with pop in the bath.

Twilight was the first and only bath bomb I've tried so far because I didn't want to use them all up in one day. I liked the scent of twilight because of it's floral scent but it's not like the musky floral smell that your grandmother might have wore, it's a delicate floral scent. I still haven't used the miranda soap yet, but will update you when I do.

Ok so I've seen and heard a lot of reviews on Sex Bomb so I'm really eager to try it. It will probably be the next one I try. It also has a floral scent like Twilight but I stated before, it's delicate. Honey Bee has to be my absolute favorite scent out of all of them! As the name suggests, Honey Bee has has slight honey smell but not in a overbearing, really sweet way. That's why I think everyone loves Lush so much. They're scents are amazing!

You know that I couldn't do this post without showing off the Twilight bath bomb I tried. I used the whole bath bomb, although I've heard that a lot of people like to only use half and save the other half for later. When I put it in the bath, it started turning a rosy pink color and then as it got closer to the middle of the bomb, the water turned blue and then purple. One thing I really noticed that surprised me was that the bomb made my water so moisturizing and made my skin feel so soft!

I'm so happy that I decided to finally purchase these products because now I'm obsessed (which may be a bad thing)! I will definitely be purchasing more of these products in the future! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you're still on the fence about buying Lush products, then I hoped this gave you a more informed decision as to whether or not to buy it!

Have you ever tried Lush Products? If so, which are your favorites? Tell me below!

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  1. Ok so I've never tried Lush products.. I don't know what I'm waiting for!! It's usually the price tag that holds me back, but these look so awesome I think I need to splurge!!

  2. I like the concept of Lush but I'm biased because my bodycare line that I'm creating also has bath bombs in the shop, geared towards medicinal problems though. Like a "relaxing" or "stress reducer" or "headache / nausea/" sort of thing. I think they're overpriced and not as health conscious as they could be. But that's just me!

  3. I love ALL of the store ! Ha and I do live fairly close!! Dangerous! Fairy dust bath gel... Love it! Great post!

  4. Butterball is one of my fav bath bombs too. My favourite LUSH products (also obsessed) is the Buffy bar, such a nice exfoliating soap for the shower. I also really like the massage bars, but I use them just as moisturizing bars.

  5. I love Lush! I love their holiday products and my favorite is the Snow Fairy shower gel and Fun. Fun is basically play-doh that use can use as shower gel, bubble bath, and shampoo.

  6. I love and adore LUSH! I put myself on a 7-year ban from it because it gets a little dangerous when I set foot in that store! It's awesome for a splurge though, haha. I like their Celestial facial moisturizer, Buffy (makes your skin supersupersuper smooth!), African Paradise body conditioner (too expensive so I just have a sample), and their bath bombs are really fun, hehe. :]

  7. What a cute look! Love how you spiced it up with the colorful combination

  8. So happy to hear you finally got to try these products. I love Lush shower bombs. They also have great masks and hair products! You should order them next time :)

    xoxo Emily