Dry Shampoo Product Comparisons

by - July 08, 2015

Fun fact: I don't wash my hair every day. But wait.....before you say ew, gross, there is a reason behind it. It's called science people. Your hair gets greasy for the same reason your face gets oily: glands in the skin produce an oily substance called sebum. Sebum is what moistens hair and keeps it from drying out. And no one likes dry hair.

Don't get me wrong, I still wash my hair, I've just decided that it's not necessary to wash my hair every day. I found that washing my hair only 2-3 times a week makes my hair really shiny and silky and soft without it being too greasy. However, I would be lying if I said it never gets greasy on my no wash days because sometimes it does, but when that happens all I do is mist on a little dry shampoo on my scalp and then everything is fine.

What type of dry shampoo do I use? Well, I like to try new things from time to time and when it comes to cost effectiveness, I always go for drugstore products so for the sake of this post I'm going to be comparing two different types of dry shampoos that I've tried and tell you my thoughts on them. First up is Pantene.

Pantene has three different dry shampoo products and I tried out two of them. Original Fresh dry shampoo and Root Reboot dry shampoo. When I first used both of these products from Pantene, the first thought I had was how good it smelled. It has a really fresh, almost floral scent. I also like the fact that it came in a tall but slim bottle. There was slightly more product in the Pantene bottles than their were the Dove.Those are the pluses. So lets talk about the downsides. 1st negative about the product is you have to use a lot of the product to cover enough area on your scalp. Second negative is the product is very sticky and leaves a flaky residue on your sheets and bedding.

After putting this on my scalp and rubbing it in, I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning I had white residue all over my pillowcase. In my opinion, that's the worst problem with this product, well, that and how sticky it makes my hair feel. I definitely won't be buying it again. Next up is Dove.

I really, really like this product. Not only is it great at doing what it says, but it also has a really great smell and doesn't make my hair feel sticky or tacky. Are there downsides to this one? Yes of course, but this product is so much better than the previous one that I can personally overlook the negatives, but for the sake of this post I'll tell you about them anyway. 1st negative:  you run out of the product fast. I had this product for maybe 3 weeks and I ran out of it. 2nd negative: It does leave a white tint to the area that you spray it on which isn't a bad thing for me because I have blonde hair, but if you have darker hair, you definitely will notice a difference.

As you can see, both products have pros and cons but looking at both I chose the one that best suits my hair and my needs. Ultimately it's up to you to decide which one fits with your own personal needs. I hope this post helped you a little bit in deciding which product to choose. I know I always like to read reviews online before I buy something because I don't like to waste money.

Question: Do you use dry shampoo and if so which product is your favorite?

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  1. Yeah i can't use dry shampoo, I have dark hair and it looks like my hair has white powder over it. lol

  2. I think I read somewhere that for dark hair you can use a mixture of cocoa powder and something else as a dry shampoo. I wish I remember where I read it though so I could tell you more about it. :(

  3. I've tried dry shampoo once, and I really liked it. I didn't try the brands you used though. I'll have to check them out! Thanks for sharing Channing!

  4. I've never tried dry shampoo, but I want to. I don't have time to wash my hair every day, so this would work for me. I love regular Dove shampoo, so I'd go with that one too. Thanks for the reviews.

  5. I LOVE dry shampoo and may or may not buy a new brand to try every couple of months. My two winners right now are Tony & Guys (it smells AMAZING) and Bastiste because they make a brunette one that comes out brown; so no worries about white powder.

  6. I don't know how I ever used to manage without dry shampoo! It is amazing and I use it every other day! I will have to take a peak at these brands when my current bottle runs out!

  7. I just love it because I feel like it really helps on the days that I don't wash and my hair might be a little too greasy. I definitely recommend it :)

  8. I've never heard of Tonys & Guys before but they sound interesting I might have to check into them. I've been meaning to try the batiste one I just have a problem with once I find a product I like, I stick to it, but I'm trying to change that. Thanks Chelsie!

  9. Same here Chantal! It really is a life saver!