My Techniques For Dealing With Anxiety

by - May 07, 2015

 I did a post several months back about Anxiety and how it has been a problem for me throughout my life. My struggles with Anxiety are an ongoing process and something that I continue to work on every day. Since it can be debilitating sometimes, it can have an affect on my outlook on life. A lot of times it can make me feel extremely pessimistic.

The reality is that there's no cure for anxiety and most people who suffer from it are on medication or just try and do what most people would see as common everyday things without having a panic attack. I have a few techniques for myself that help me with my anxiety and while they don't completely get rid of the symptoms, they do ease the burden I carry each day just a little bit. These are great not only for someone with anxiety but also if you just need a pick me up. Here are the everyday exercises I practice:

  • Exercising - I'm not much of a gym person, so I tend to do my exercising outside. Usually, I'll walk my dog in my neighborhood. Before I exercise I usually feel tense and on edge, but after exercising I feel relaxed and a little more upbeat.

  • Meditation - Yeah, yeah, I know this is hardly anything new or groundbreaking but meditation is great for training your body to breathe more slowly. When you I get anxious I tend to breathe really quickly and sometimes, subconsciously, hold my breath. So training my body to relax and take deep breaths allows my brain to relax as well.

  • Blogging - I've said this plenty of times before, but blogging has done wonders for my peace of mind. I initially had no plans of starting a blog until my brother who is a web developer convinced me and now I can't image what my life was like without it. It's like my own personal (albeit public) journal.

  • Tea- Whenever I drink Chamomile tea I feel much more relaxed and comfortable. It's not in my head either, science backs it up. Chamomile has some of the same compounds that help bind the same brain receptors as drugs such as Valium. I'd say that's pretty powerful right there.

  • Sleep - Remember in Kindergarten when we were all allowed naps after lunch? That's why we were always in a good mood as kids! Ok, maybe not the only reason but, sleep does wonders for your mood. That's why whenever I have a rough day, I'll skip Netflix or the internet and head straight to bed. I don't think I've ever had a time when I woke up feeling worse than I did before I went to sleep. Again science.

  • Getting Outside - Sometimes all it takes is just a simple few rays of sunshine to make me feel better. Not to mention, houses can be kind of stuffy and dark so it's great to get some fresh air now and then.

  • Reading - When none of the above work for me, I like to read books that inspire and motivate me. A great one that I suggest is Choosing Happiness by Lizzie Velasquez. Reading also keeps your mind occupied, so it doesn't have time to think about stressful things.

These techniques have helped me in times of stress and while they may not completely get rid of the anxiety, they do make it just a little bit easier to deal with.

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As always thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful! You can check out my last post here.

What do you think of my "finding happiness" techniques? What do you do to find happiness?

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  1. I love this post. I am the same way. Anxiety my whole life, sometimes it's so debilitating that I really have to put all my efforts into healing. I also find that I have to eat healthy. Junkfood can trigger low/anxious moods. The other thing I just discovered was DoTerra Essential Oils. I LOVE THEM. I am sold. There are a couple designed for mood management and they really do work. Not as strongly as a Xanax or Valium, but they work. One is called Balance which makes me calm, and one is called Elevation which makes me have energy.

  2. Love your list! <3 All the things on there make me happy too! (Except meditating, but only because I don't do it. :x I'm really bad at getting my mind to calm down enough to not think about all the things I need to be doing. x_x)

  3. Thanks Lana! Yeah I found that the way I eat has an affect on my body as well. I'll have to try out those essentials oils! :)

  4. Thanks Farrah! Yeah, when I first started doing it I had the same problem too! It takes a bit of practice to be able to quiet the mind especially if you have anxiety.