Blogging Resources: Using Facebook As A Promotional Tool

by - May 19, 2015

 How do you spend your time on Facebook? Do you scroll through your timeline and like statuses and pictures and spy on other people? What if I told you that instead of doing that you could be using it as a tool to promote your blog? There are many types of social media outlets you can use and they're invaluable tools for promoting your blog, but today we're going to focus on utilizing Facebook.

On average, we spend at least 40 minutes a day using Facebook. That's a huge amount of time, which calculates to a higher percentage of anything you post being seen by other people. Every time you post something to Facebook, that percentage gets higher and higher, giving a huge amount of exposure to your blog. Did you know that Facebook attracts roughly seven times the engagement that Twitter does, and that's looking at both PC, tablet and phone usage!

Also, think about the fact that if someone likes your post, they might even share it which means double the exposure for your blog. With today's Blogging Resources post, I'm going to give my step by step rundown of how I use Facebook to promote my blog in such a way, that it's often one of the number one referrers to my site!

Step #1

Set up your Facebook page.

If you look here you'll see that I have a page set up with the name of my blog and a clear representation of my blog as my header image. This way when someone see's my page, they know immediately whose it is.

You don't want to make people guess whose page it is because you have random pictures and no clear branding. It needs to look like your blog.

Step #2

Integrating Facebook into your blog

What I mean by this, is you need to have a Facebook widget or box in your sidebar that way people can easily like your page without ever having to leave your blog. People love when we make things easy for them!

 Step # 3

Join a Facebook blogging group.

These are more important than you might think. If you've been having trouble getting people to interact with the posts you're trying to promote, these blogging groups will fix that. Most blogging groups are here to support one another and learn things from each other. Some of the groups that I'm a member of have daily threads where you can actually post links every day. Here are some of my favorites:

Step #4

Strategize the time and frequency of each post

When thinking about how much exposure you want for each blog post, it's important to look at statistics for increasing your numbers. I came across an article from Infographic which stated that during a typical week, you should be posting 2x per day or 5 to 10 times per week (the level before likes and comments begin to drop off dramatically).

Step #5

Be, well, social.......

Even if you do all the steps before this, it won't matter if you're not interacting with other bloggers and readers. The internet is a vast, giant void and sometimes shouting isn't always the best tactic. Visit other bloggers pages, like and comment on posts, and don't be greedy, share the posts that you like!

Ok, so now that you've gotten the step by step guide to using Facebook as a promotional tool, let's summarize the main points.

1. Set up your Facebook page in such a way, that it fits along with your brand.

2. Integrate Facebook into your blog so that your page is more accessible to your readers.

3. Join a Facebook group dedicated to bloggers which give your more chances of interaction on your posts.

4. Plan and schedule each post to maximize your blog posts' chance of being seen.

5. It isn't called social media for nothing! Interact with other people on Facebook and they will return the favor.

Facebook was started as a way to connect with friends, so to not use that as a tool to connect you with readers, is just crazy. It's just one of the many social media outlets that can be used as a tool to expose your blog to potential readers. Next Tuesday I will be discussing some others. Don't forget to subscribe so you can get first-hand access to each Blogging Resources post that will be coming out each Tuesday!

Have you created a Facebook page? Leave a link to your page below!

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  1. Facebook is definitely a HIGH SOURCE or TRAFFIC for me!!!

  2. This a great step by step! I love Facebook blogging groups, but I haven't been the best about actually using my Facebook page. Thanks for sharing this! It gave me some ideas.

  3. This has been really helpful to me, especially since I am a new blogger and I have no computer skills! I love how you did a step by step! Thank you so much!

  4. Do you have any tips on when to post on social media? Is there an "ideal" time?

  5. Great reminders and tips! Thanks!

  6. I wish I had seen this when I very first started! It took me months to figure out that I could schedule I am just trying to get into the habit of it!

  7. Love this!!

  8. This is awesome! I kinda refuse to get a facebook page for my blog (I cannot see myself having the time to devote to yet another form of social media, and wanted to keep fb separate from my blogging life :x ), although I've been tempted every here and there. But if I were to make one, I should've done it longgggg, long ago. D: These are great tips!

  9. I love my facebook blogging groups! I definitely could work on a more consistent facebook posting schedule! Thanks for the important reminder!

  10. Blogging Facebook groups are a great way to promote, as well as having a FB page for your blog!

  11. Facebook blog groups are the best!

  12. Thanks Lisa! I try to post at least every time I publish a new post :)

  13. It's more important than we sometimes realize :)

  14. I think it varies a little from person to person but I think most people would say to post at 8 am if you publish in the morning or 9 pm if you publish at night. Hope that helps :)

  15. Thanks Tiara, I tried to make it as informative as I could. I'm glad you liked it! :)

  16. Same Here! I've kind of been figuring it all out myself as I go along! :)

  17. Thanks Farrah! It can be difficult to manage sometimes, but I notice a decline in my numbers if I neglect it

  18. Yes they are! Thanks for reading Summer :)