What This Vet Visit From HELL Taught Me!

by - March 23, 2015

 I have a story to tell and it's not a good one. I recently went to the vet and it was the worst experience! This is what I learned from this vet visit from hell!

This post is gonna be a little bit different from my normal posts, because it's not gonna be so cheerful, but it will be informative and please continue to read on if you have a pet that you care about as this contains some very important information about choosing a good vet to take your dog to.

Where it all began.....

Last Thursday, I took my dog Cooper to the vet because he was having problems with his skin being really red, irritated and itchy. I knew it wasn't fleas because I give him flea and heartworm meds every month and I also didn't see any on him.

I had recently started using this new vet in my area and had read good reviews online thinking this might be a good vet. There were some bad reviews but they were far less than the good. I figured I would check them out. Since I worked during the day, and didn't have anyone to take him to the vet or me, I dropped him off at that vet the first two times for his shots. BIG mistake.

You won't believe what happens next...

When I took him to the vet this past Thursday, I was able to take him myself and got to meet the vet for the first time. When he walked into the exam room, he was friendly and said hello and everything seemed fine. As soon as I put Cooper on the exam table for the vet to examine him, my dog started freaking out. I've never seen him this scared of a vet before in my life, but I just chalked it up to being nerves.

Well, as soon as the vet started poking around his face, Cooper bit him and apparently this pissed off the vet because he began to choke my dog to the point that he was screaming! I immediately told him to stop and do you know what his response was? "Well, he bit me." Uh yeah he did, and your response is to choke him?

Needless to say, I grabbed my dog and his leash and got the heck out of there. First of all, my dog has never acted that way at a vet before and I had never seen him so terrified. This got me to thinking, both times that I had dropped him off there while I was at work, what was that vet doing to my dog? Maybe he has done this before to my dog and that's why when I put him up on the table near that vet he started freaking out!

What happened after......

I left the vet so upset not just because this happened to my dog (in front of me no less), but because this might be happening to other animals that go to that vet. I went home and researched what I could do about a vet who is mistreating animals and was surprised to find that there isn't much that you can do.

You can file a complaint with your veterinary state board, but what I found out, is that few veterinarians ever get in trouble and if they do they are only fined or put on probation but it is so rare that a vet's license is pulled. THAT IS APPALLING! So say that your dog dies because of something your vet did or failed to do, the most that would happen is they would be fined or put on probation!

Why is that?!?!?

Well, there are two "explanations" for this.

1. In the U.S., only the state licensing boards have jurisdiction over vet's licenses, meaning they only have the power to authorize disciplinary actions or fines.

2. As awful as it may sound, in the U.S. judicial system, pets are considered property and therefore not given the protected rights that humans have.

So, what can you do?

Well, you can spread the word to other people about the bad vet and cause them to lose customers. I would shame and name that vet right now on here if it weren't for them being able to sue me for defamation of character. I will, however, be writing a scathing review on google!

I basically just want anyone who has a pet and is reading this to know, do your research before going to a new vet. Don't just read reviews online like I did, because they aren't always 100% accurate. Ask a family member or friend who they would recommend and do a background check on the vet to make sure they haven't had a lot of complaints filed against them.

I learned my lesson from this and just so you know, I ended up taking my dog to a better vet farther away (it was worth it though) and that vet was kind, professional, and had no problems with Cooper. He's home now, safe and his skin is looking a little better each day. If you want to know where you can file a complaint click this link.

On a much more positive note, since you are here reading about my pet, you might be interested in this post as well.

Thank you for reading and please leave a comment below letting me know how you found your vet, or what you would do in that situation!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that! That vet sounds horrible!! :[ Thank you for sharing your story though--I hope it helps to raise awareness, and I hope your dog will be okay! <3

    The vet I use is the one that my friend has been going to for the past 2 decades (she runs a rescue with over 80 cats, 4 dogs, a ferret, guinea fowl, and most recently, some chickens, and her vet has always been wonderful + has gone above and beyond, so I definitely think she's reputable!).

  2. I would've done the same thing you did. I don't own pets but I find it reprehensible when people are abusive to animals. It just makes you wonder about their character. I'm glad you found out this vet was an a-hole and didn't have to subject your dog to seeing him more than you had to.

  3. Oh My gosh, Channing, this is such a horrible thing to have happened to you and Cooper! It honestly makes you wonder why a vet goes into working with animals if they a) aren't gentle and kind to them to begin with, and b) can't cope with a nervous animal giving them a nip. Apparently the new vet in my family's town is a bit rough with my 13yro labrador. He better never pull that around me or I'll probably give him a poke in the eye!

  4. I have puppy and I would have done the same thing you did. I had a doctor once mistreat my daughter in front of me and I filed a complaint but nothing happened. It's sad that some people can continue working with animals or children that shouldn't be allowed to.

  5. I would still file the complaint. Also, tell people about it. We had not as a dramatic, but still bad experience with a vet. We found a much better one, and we were thrilled to do it. The satisfaction for us was when the new vet called the old vet for the records to be sent. We knew then that the bad vet understood we really meant it when we said we wouldn't be back. Good luck. I hope the skin thing is better. Could it have been bad food? We were out of town without access to the regular food we give our guy and had to by a grocery store brand (beneful). He wound up getting a yeast infection.

  6. I'm so sorry that happened, oh my gosh! I don't have any pets, but I'd be furious if that happened to me! He's a vet, he should understand that these things will happen with animals.

  7. Thank you Farrah! He was a little shook up, but his skin has definitely gotten better and the new vet is an hour away from me, but it's totally worth the drive to have a professional working on my dog!

  8. Me as well Yanique! You would think someone who works with animals would know how to deal with them....smh.....

  9. Right? And the new vet told me she gets bit by dogs all the time and she just muzzles them. I don't know why that didn't cross the other guys mind..... but Cooper never acts like that and he was terrified!

  10. I think our best defense is word of mouth. If enough people know how bad the doctor or vet is, nobody will use them and they'll go out of business!

  11. Thank you Julie! His skin is getting a little bit better, but we're not sure what caused it yet. It could be the food but after I told the vet how long he'd been eating it for she said that it wasn't likely.

  12. Exactly Jaime! That's what the new vet said as well when I told her about it. She couldn't believe it either!

  13. So sorry this happened to you and your Cooper. Te vet obvioulsy did something to the poor lil pooch on te last 2 visits! Dogs are such trusting animals and they dont jjust freak out! I can imagine your worry for your dog. GO ahed and file that complaint...at least therecwill be one on record. who knows how many more there are. Even Probation is better than nothing!

  14. Thank you Julie! Yeah, I knew something seemed a little off when I put him on the exam table and he started freaking out. He's always been a little bit nervous at the vet, but this time was different. He was freaking out!

  15. Some people shouldnt be doctors whether for humans or animals period. And that vet needs to be pulled down a peg or 10!