Feeling The Effects Of My Bad Eating Habits

by - March 17, 2015

 I feel awful! I'm really starting the feel the effects of my bad eating habits.

This past Saturday was really good for me. I ate some good food, went shopping, and spent time with family. However, Sunday was not so great and I'll tell you why.

I had a food hangover. I woke up that morning feeling like a ton of bricks had hit me and had a hard time keeping my eyes open. Every step I took that day felt like such a strain. I know what your thinking, "it's not a food hangover, it's an ACTUAL hangover." Well, I'm sorry to say that was not the case at all. Let me elaborate.

Since the middle of February, I started eating healthier and exercising 2-3 times a week. When I say eating healthier, I mean cutting out processed sugars, junk food, and carbs (somewhat). I also drink only water and haven't had a carbonated drink in over 2 years.

For Breakfast,

I would usually have some sort of egg whites and avocado.

For Lunch,

I would usually have some sort of salad, chicken or fish with a side of veggies.

 For Dinner,

I would usually have a combination of chicken or fish and veggies. If I was craving something sweet, I would usually reach for some sort of fruit. That combined with daily exercising gave me more energy every day and improved my mood slightly. I lost about 10 pounds over 2 months.

BEFORE when I would eat "unhealthy food", I didn't really noticed how it made my body feel. I only noticed that the food tasted good. Saturday, I had decided to give myself a cheat day and splurge on some "good food". I ate 2 slices of cake (it was my mom's birthday), and a big bowl full of chili.

If you think, "oh chili's not that bad", then listen to the way I make it. Put a handful of Fritos into the bottom of a bowl, pour chili on top, sprinkle some cheese on top of that, and top with sour cream and green onions. Yep, it's more than your average chili.

Feeling The Effects.....

When I woke up the next morning, I couldn't believe how awful I felt and finally had that aha moment. It's true what they say about eating well and exercising having an effect on your body. You could tell me that over and over again before, but it would go through one ear and out the other.

I think sometimes you just have to experience something for yourself for it to actually sink in. For a lot of us, it takes seeing yourself looking overweight or seeing a picture of yourself to finally decide to change our eating habits. But this time for me, it took a "food hangover" to get me to see the error of my ways.

I can't say that I'll never splurge again, because that would be unrealistic, but I do know that it won't happen again anytime soon, and I want to stay on this healthy track because my body feels so much better when I treat it right.

If you want a good "diet" meal plan to follow, here is a great cookbook to help!

Have you ever had that aha moment with your lifestyle habits? How do you stay healthy? Also how was your weekend?

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  1. Yay! So glad that switching to a healthier lifestyle is working well for you! I've definitely had those "food hangover" moments too, so I've tried to curb all-out food-binges as much as possible (...except when it comes to sushi ._.). Prepping all my meals has made a huge, huge difference in my eating (and my budgeting), and exercising gives me way more energy! :]

  2. Oh boy do I have that moment with my body and my habits. I've noticed for many years that I feel disgusting after a lot of fast and processed foods. I feel queasy, have a slight headache and feel lethargic. I just wish this would extend to fries and hashbrowns -- I love them and never learn my lesson cos I get no bad feelings afterwards!!!

  3. Isn't it amazing how food impacts our bodies??! I can definitely tell a difference when I'm sticking to a healthy diet...not only do I feel better (and lighter, but maybe that's just a mental thing, lol), but my skin looks better! For me, when I end up indulging in the 'bad' stuff (which is fine on occasion!), not only do I feel horrible, but then I have all the cravings for the crappy food for several days, which makes it really hard to switch back to the healthier foods. But, then I always feel so good and so accomplished when I conquer those cravings, lol. Glad you enjoyed your weekend (and mom's birthday!) but hopped right back on the healthy wagon :-).

  4. I like the idea of moderation in everything. Especially food.

  5. That's one thing I noticed for sure! Having more energy is definitely a huge factor in me wanting a healthier lifestyle! :)

  6. Once I started sticking to that new healthy lifestyle and my body got used to it, it went crazy went I splurged and made me sick. I think that was the first time I truly felt how it affected my body!

  7. Hi Sue! That's the golden rule and one that I intend on sticking too! :)

  8. Me too Vicky! Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well! :)

  9. So interesting the affect a food cheat day had on you... it has made me re-evaluate my diet! Thank you for sharing <3 - Lois

  10. I've been starting to eat healthier too, but last week we didn't plan well and ended up eating at a basketball game so I got French fries. They were so good at the moment but I felt awful the next day. I'm totally trying to be a little more conscious of what I'm eating and how it makes me feel.

  11. It really does affect us more than we realize. I felt awful the next day after that cheat day.That's kind of what changed my outlook on a healthy lifestyle.